Why use carbon fiber tubes?


Carbon fiber tubes have many features and benefits:


- Extremely strong, high strength to weight ratio
- Superb tensile strength
- Outstanding thermal resistance and expansion (lower than all metal tubes)
- Lighter than any metal tubing of comparable size
- 5X stronger and 2X stiffer than steel

- 1.5X stiffer than aluminum

- It is 2/3 the weight of aluminum
- More corrosion resistant than other metals
- Long lifespan


Do you charge tooling costs?


Depends, although we have thousands of toolings available we cannot satisfy every requirement. If we do not have a specific tool available or your order is below our minimum quantity then we will charge for the tools needed.


What regions do you serve?


Our business is worldwide, but our main customers are located in USA, Canada,

Australia and Europe.


Can you manufacture other shapes with carbon fiber besides tubing?


Although we specialize in tubings, and rods we can manufacture any shape you